Monday, November 27, 2006

Double-Plus Excellent

George Orwell would have lurved the way the recent election results are being remade into something quite different. No, the elections were NOT a major expression of disapproval of Bush's policies, especially of the pointless yet bloody war in Iraq. No, the voters were not fed up with the corrupt and ham-handed rule of the wingnuts. Nononono.

Let the pundits clarify things for you, poor dear reader. What we see is a stampede towards the middle! In 1994 we saw a stampede to the right, you see. Now that the stampede went in the other direction, it's a stampede towards the middle. Get it?

And no, you are NOT allowed to point out that people weren't exactly stampeding away from previously elected scary liberals. You are NOT allowed to point out that not a single Democratic incumbent lost. Because, you see, the pundits know these things. Better.