Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cheney Is Still In Office, Republicans Still Support Him

This article by Charlie Savage in today's Boston Globe gives more evidence that it is necessary for the left to increase our support of the only opposition that the Cheney administration has. Putting it in simplest terms, Dick Cheney is an enemy of democracy. He believes in an uncontrolled president who can rule by fiat. As the self-made Vice President who has given himself control over even much of the allegedly Presidential offices he might be the biggest danger to democracy in our history. And Republicans who are still in office have followed him just about every step of the way while he was dismantling any check on the executive. His fellow royalists now occupy four seats on the Supreme Court with at least leanings that way by Kennedy. He is a continuing danger.

Contrast Cheney's activities with those of Hugo Chavez, as given by one of his opponents. Why doesn't Ana Julia Jatar go into the little matter of the coup attempt supported, some believe instigated by the Bush II regieme? Seems to me that could go a ways to explaining why Chavez doesn't think his opponents are to be trusted. And in her catalog of, admittedly, disturbing activities change a few of the words and you could be talking about what is going on in the United States now. There is no significant part of the electronic media here who have not been in the Bush-Cheney pocket to at least the extent that is charged here.