Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It may just be the last illness one is allowed to make jokes about in the blogosphere. At least I read a lot of anorexia jokes in the comments threads, and the point is always how not eating is really stupid. Or how unattractive an anorexic body really is. Or how funny it is that anorexics think themselves still too fat.

It's an odd attitude, reminiscent of the way mental hospitals used to be seen as entertainment in long past times. Anorexia is an illness and those who suffer from it can't just snap out of it or suddenly start thinking weight gaining is a good thing. And anorexia can kill:

Beautiful Ana Carolina Reston from Brazil died from complications of anorexia on November 14. She was only 21 and the second model to die from this insidious disease in the last two weeks.

I will post more on this topic later.