Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blog War Note

Hadn't meant to bring up again the, uh, well, blog war that began with one of the earlier guest posts I did on this blog but that was before I read Echidne's little post last night.

There is actually that curious bit of flame an anonymous person sent me earlier in the week, taunting me over the publication on line of the complete works of Charles Darwin. The assumption is , despite literally everything I've ever posted on the subject and any rational inference from anything else I've ever posted, that I'm a creationist. Goes to show you what depending on secondary sources, of the most dubious reliabilty, can lead to. Friends always go with primary sources when possible, taking into account that evolutionary science has developed more than slightly since Darwin's death.

Now to really blow the minds of my antagonists and as a model of great debating style let me also call your attention to one of my favorite writers, one of Darwin's friends, Thomas Huxley. Especially look at his non-technical writings. They're fun.