Sunday, August 06, 2006

The New Gender Divide at the New York Times

This is a series which is advertised as follows:

Articles in this series are examining what has happened to men and women several decades after the women's movement began.

That is a wishy-washy way of explaining these events as a consequence of the women's movement, I'd wager. And so far the following articles have appeared in the series:

Previous Articles in the Series:
Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job (July 31, 2006)
Small Colleges, Short of Men, Embrace Football (July 10, 2006)
At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust (July 9, 2006)

David Brooks and John Tierney couldn't be any happier! See what feminism has wrought! Men in the dust!

It's always possible that the series first looks at all the horrible things that have happened to men (whether they actually have happened in any sense of trends is another thing altogether), and that the later articles talk about all the good things that feminism has done, for both women and men, mind you. But if so, this part of series hasn't started yet. Today's piece is entitled:"Facing Middle Age With No Degree, and No Wife".

This is another of those trend-manufacturing stories that the Times seems to specialize in.