Sunday, August 27, 2006


First, the blogads group that I belong to has changed their prices and ad selection. I may have been priced out by these changes. We'll see. But the ads help to pay for the broadband I really need for blogging (imagine trying to watch videos without it), so I hope that I'm wrong. If any of you, my dear and smart readers, are famous people who'd like to give me some praise to put into my sales-pitch, please e-mail me. Kisses and hugs.

I'm still incorruptible, at least until large amounts of chocolate are being offered, so the only bias you will spot in my writings is the goddess-based one. Easy to correct for.

Second, grammar. Should I clean my grammar up? I'm writing in a second language and a long time ago I decided that learning many grammars crowds the storage spaces of my brain too much. But if my grammatical errors really bother you I might be willing to work on it. Just send a donation with the instructions that I should follow....

Third, thank you very much for the lovely green skirt, you dear donor. You know who you are. Now a High Priestess of the Church of Echidne, an honorary post with no duties. (See how I'm nicely pointing out here the donation button? My Salon and NYT Select fees are coming up for payment.)

Fourth, feel no guilt at all if you can't contribute. You're still most welcome to read and to worship at my altar.

Fifth, I need to do something about the weekend blogging. I can't go on like this much longer, however much fun it is. So I'm trying to recruit some weekend guest bloggers, but if that doesn't work out I'm just going to not blog on Saturdays and Sundays. Or not very much anyway. Well, maybe a little... See the problem? I need to find a snake goddess therapist.

See how this post looks? I'm moaning for money and wanting to slack off. That's what comes from calling it "Housekeeping".