Thursday, August 24, 2006

From My Migraine Files

Not because of the topics but because I'm possessed by a migraine today. Which proves that it's not a clever and smart thing to write as much as I did yesterday. My migraines are like a spear through the right eye. I even get dreams about being defeated in a battle by such a spear move, and when I'm awake I first fear that I will die from the pain and then I fear that I won't. But the time at the end of the migraine is the best high you can get, though not worth the cost of getting there, in my opinion.

Anyway, as all great writers say. Wimnonline has a post which links to many feminist bloggers on the topic of the Forbes opinion piece on why men shouldn't marry "career girls". I didn't realize, by the way, that the piece was originally presented as neutral news, not an opinion piece. This makes the question why Forbes did this an interesting one. What is the political philosophy underlying such a move? Could it be...antifeminism? Ya think? The post on Wimnonline also promises longer posts on the social science arguments that Noer used in his initial piece. Should be fun and informative, and I shall link to all those posts on this blog.

Stick your finger in your mouth and then lift it up in the air. Where is the wind blowing from? I see a lot of racism and sexism cropping up all over the media, all clad in respectable clothing of honest and sincere inquiry. Is this the Bush wind blowing? Blacks can't swim, Latinos are invading mom and apple pie, and educated women should be shunned. Not to mention the ragheads. All this is quite mainstream in the current winds.

But there are good news, too. One is this:

Women may buy the morning-after pill without a prescription -- but only with proof they're 18 or older, federal health officials decided Thursday. The Food and Drug Administration ruling culminated a contentious three-year effort to ease access to the emergency contraceptive.

Girls 17 and younger still will need a doctor's note to buy the pills, called Plan B, the FDA told manufacturer Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc.

The compromise decision is a partial victory for women's advocacy and medical groups that say eliminating sales restrictions could cut in half the nation's 3 million annual unplanned pregnancies. Opponents have argued that wider access could increase promiscuity.

It's like the sale of cigarettes, except that it might be possible for a boy under the age of eighteen to buy the pill, too. Or maybe not? I'm not sure:

The FDA said men 18 and older will be able to buy the pills without a prescription.

Well, I guess the wingnuts saved face by this move. But on the whole the decision is a victory for sanity.