Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Coturnix: Introduction and a chance to shamelessly blogwhore...

Hi, just a quick hit-and-run introduction. It is nice to use Blogger WYSYWIG again, though scheduling posts in advance is a nice thing about MovableType which I am missing right now - it means I'll have to actually get up in the morning to post here!

Some of you may know me from my old, mostly political blog Science And Politics. I also used to run a purely science blog Circadiana about circadian rhythms and the biology and medicine of sleep. I also wrote an education blog - The Magic School Bus. You can check out my best old political and science posts from those three blogs if you want.

Those three are shut down now, as I am one of 45 or so bloggers now happily hosted by Seed Magazine's ScienceBlogs. My new blog there, A Blog Around The Clock is a fusion of the old three blogs. There, I write about science much more than I used to before. Again, mostly about my own area of expertise - the science of chronobiology, i.e., about circadian rhythms, both in humans and in other organisms, as well as the science and medicine of sleep.

I also write about other areas of science, including evolution, ecology, physiology, neuroscience and ecology. And of course, bitching about the sad state of science reporting. And there are still posts about education, especially science education, the life in academia, posts about blogging, personal and fun posts.

But I have not entirely stopped writing about my favourite topics - ideology, religion, politics and sex (both in humans and in other critters) and the way those four things interact.

So, I hope you come and visit me one of these days. And also see my 44 SciBlings over there - it's not just Pharyngula, there are a lot of other good bloggers there.

I am scheduled to guest-blog here on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and I will try to write a few posts about sex, science and politics and how they relate to each other. I may also come by on Friday afternoon if olvlzl does not manage to get on to Blogger to post at that time.

While I keep my science writing, and even my science blogging, to the highest standards of accuracy, my posts about other topics, e.g., politics, ideology and sex, are more likely to be speculations, stuff from my own experience, or just a way to vent frustration. Often, they are a way to state, on purpose, something controversial. This is a great way to get a lot of comments. I love nothing better than to be put in my place by a smart, informed commenter who provides links to information that proves me wrong. That is how I learn something new every day. I hope you do not go on vacation and wait for Echidne to come back but enjoy yourselves in the comments this week as well.