Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And The First Cootie Award Goes To

George Bush! Yes, to our dear leader! Because we love him, just like the brave men of Powerline do (a wingnut blog, enter at own risk). I'm only awarding George a Third Class Cootie With Brown Ribbons. For acting like girls have cooties:

Everybody's talking about this blurb today, and it is kind of amazing. The president who claimed he would bring honor and dignity to the white house is apparently known for puerile fart jokes --- and even emits them in the office to play jokes on his aides. Me, I much prefer a grown up president who privately has sex in the oval office than one who farts publicly. But that's just me.

But this is the part I find interesting and the little blurb doesn't elaborate at all:

A top insider let that slip when explaining why President Bush is paranoid around women, always worried about his behavior.

Forget the farting. What's with the paranoia around women? (There is apparently a clinical term for it called "gynophobia" which I've never heard of until today.) It's quite clear that he doesn't know how to behave around powerful women he doesn't control, judging from his inappropriate groping of the prime minister of Germany. And I've often wondered about his relationship to Rice, Hughes and Mieres --- the office wives. Is he afraid that he's going to accidentally pass gas or use a bad word in front of these women or does he let fly with women he knows and is just paranoid around strange women? I'm genuinely curious. This is very wierd for any 60 year old man much less a highly succesful politician.

He is such an immature person that I think it's entirely possible that he's still stuck in that pre-pubescent little boy state where girls are just "yucky." That's how his behavior comes off anyway. There's some frat boy stuff, to be sure, especially in his behavior with other men. But I'm thinking that when it comes to women, he's stuck even further back than that --- cub scouts, maybe. Did mommy lock him in the closet or something?

We shouldn't let George The Elder get off scot-free, though. Maybe it was he who did the closet locking? Just joking, dear NSA, just joking. Assuming that joking is still one of the civil liberties we covert enemies of something-or-other are allowed.

My little visit to Powerline in Wingnuttia gave me something else, too. Pasted in the corner of this far-right blog was this:

We might as well award Independent Joe a Third Class Cootie, too.