Monday, June 05, 2006

The Wingnut Solution For Wealthy Christian Sinners

I have long suspected that something like this is going on: the breeding of miniature camels, so small that they can squeak through the eye of a needle. Then rich men can squeak through the door of heavens. Without dropping their moneybags en route.

And while we are in the business of banning some types of marriages, could we please ban the unholy marriage of fundamentalism and secular money? It makes for a dysfunctional country, and we are all suffering from its effects. The fundamentalists let the corporations get away with anything and the corporations respond with the same laxity. Hence the wars for oil and the increasing income inequality in this country and the internal wars: against gays, immigrants, women, liberals. And all this makes a mockery of the actual messages of Jesus.

Jeez but I'm angry today.