Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Told You So

Well, I didn't. But I thought it, "it" being that the attacks against the lefty blogosphere would soon be about aging 1960's hippies and their anger and rage. This is because the earlier soundbites about young nerdy know-nothing guys didn't work out to match reality. Blog readers turned out not to be especially young. So they must be especially old and still especially fringey. And my predictions have now come true:

Markos Moulitsas -- "Kos" of the Daily Kos -- is getting a lot of attention these days. Check out this Time magazine wet kiss about Kos' growing stature as a king maker in left-wing Democratic politics. Playing to his online audience of post-McGovernite neo-commies, Kos enjoys picking fights with Democratic centrists who have the temerity to put America's security as a top priority.

Among those Democrats is Will Marshall, founder of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. Marshall wants Dems to reclaim their Truman-J.F.K. heritage in foreign policy. He calls the Kos crowd "aging boomers out to relive the radical days of their youth."

There is no way of avoiding these types of nasty labels. It doesn't matter what the demographics of liberal and progressive bloggers and there readers might be; whatever they are the right-wingers will make up suitable insults.

But "neo-commies"? Really?