Thursday, June 08, 2006

How It's Done: Tweety In Action on The Woman Question

Now I understand why Chris ("Tweety") Matthew's political show is called Hardball. It's all about Tweety's testicles, or perhaps one of them. Yesterday's show gave us some truly revealing comments about Matthew's troubles with women in politics. Here he is talking about the San Diego race with Ken Mehlman:

MATTHEWS: How did you manage to get Francine Busby the Democratic nomination in that seat?

MEHLMAN: We didn't have anything to do with that, but look...

MATTHEWS: ... What did you make—we just showed the tape, David Shuster just showed that tape of a woman candidate in the United States openly advising people in this country illegally to vote illegally.

All bolding in this post is by me. But the revealing comments are all by Tweety. Note how Francine Busby is not just a candidate; she's a womancandidate!

And here is Matthews yesterday on the same topic with Charlie Cook:

The biggest news of the day was how Republicans held onto that seat we talked about last night of convicted former Congressman Duke Cunningham.

How did they do it? Here to make sense of that and more is Charlie Cook, NBC political analyst and publisher of the "Cook Political Report."

You're the best guy at numbers. That race turned out to be about a four-point margin, much narrower than the time before. The challenger Busby, the woman, went from 38 last time to 45 this time. Is that enough of a signal of the Democrats' pre-eminence this time?


COOK: Exactly. But on the other hand, this Democrat was a very weak candidate. To be honest, she would have come a lot closer or won this thing had she not opened her mouth and made a huge faux pas last week.

MATTHEWS: My point, I believe illegal immigration is a huge issue in this country. It's not just a Republican issue, it's a national issue. Protecting our identity as citizens is serious business. It is in every country.

This woman, this candidate of the Democratic Party came out and told Hispanic voters go ahead and vote, you don't need papers. She was encouraging illegal voting right on - we heard it on the mike.

Is that enough repetion, you think? Do you think that the viewers got the point?