Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One Picture Worth A Thousand Words?

The most recent Miss Iraq has gone into hiding:

Silva Shahakian, an Iraqi Christian, received the title of Miss Iraq when the initial winner stepped down after receiving death threats and two other runners-up also bowed out, a person familiar with the event said Wednesday.

Since receiving the crown, Shahakian has been lying low, fearing she will be targeted, he said. The pageant was held April 9 in a Baghdad social club and the initial winner, Tamar Goregian, gave back the crown four days later, he said.

The man spoke on condition of anonymity, refusing to be identified further, saying he also feared retribution from militants.

And now the picture. An embroidery I made to reflect some of the deep choices women have. It doesn't have anything about death threats, though. Must add those.