Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Best Bumper Sticker Seen Recently

It was in a supermarket parking lot and said "Visualize Using Your Turn Signals."

Maybe it doesn't sound so funny to you if you don't drive in Boston. The local custom seems to be to try to merge into busy traffic from a parked position by moving very stealthily and rapidly and without attracting any attention while doing so. This makes driving a refreshingly active experience for the rest of us. So does the practice of sudden lane changes done as a horizontal swerve move. No turn signals is an integral part of that game, too.

This isn't about turn signals as much as it's about the surreal that goes for traffic behavior here, but my only traffic accident was caused by someone backing into me while waiting for a light to turn green. When it did, the car in front of me went backwards.

Not really a political post but there are certain similarities to the idea of a faith-based reality.