Monday, April 17, 2006

Abstinence is The New Black

It makes you look slimmer, too. Abstinence is a wonderful idea, heartily to be recommended as a lifelong practice for all wingnuts. That way we'd get a sane administration one day.

But that's not what the ruling wingnuts intend by the selling of the term. They want all unmarried individuals to be abstinent, including all gays and lesbians who of course can't get married at all in the wingnut world. Lifelong abstinence for gays and lesbians and the Pope, I guess.

This, my dear reader, is social engineering of the type that some wingnuts accuse us of. It's not going to work, because sexuality is ingrained in most human beings, but it's social engineering nevertheless. It's also a way of giving large chunks of money to people who are laying the foundation for the Talamerica of the future.

Senator McCain might be part of that plan, at least in the mind of one Jerry Falwell:

"By five minutes in, we'd gotten all the old stuff behind us and the air all cleared," Falwell said. "And, you know, John McCain is a strong conservative. He's pro-life. He's strong national defense. He's a national hero. His view on family is just where most conservative Christians' views are. It's just that we had another champion back then."

The other champion he mentions in the interview is our Dear Leader. But notice the definition of McCain's "view on family" matching the views of most conservative Christians. I might make some guesses on what these views might show us: a patriarchal family with the priest-husband in charge.

And that's where sex will be available: in the bosom of the patriarchal family.