Friday, March 31, 2006

Wingnut Wisdom

A two-day summit on "Protecting the Biblical Institution of Marriage and Family Values" gives us this pearl of wisdom:

"Apostle" Jamie Pleasant presides over the congregations, which cites more than a thousand members, according to its web site. He has a doctorate degree from Georgia Tech in Business Management and started the church in 1995.

Addressing the "down-low," a term that describes married black men having sex with other men in secret, Pleasant told hundreds of worshipers March 25 that God intended man and woman to procreate.

"The marital duty is not being fulfilled," Pleasant said. "Why are we with you women? Just think about it…we have a strong sex drive. You need to do your part and keep the marriage bed pure. Whenever your husband wants sex it is your duty to say yes."

Get it? It is women's fault if men are gay. Because women have a duty to say yes.
Via Evacuee on Eschaton comments threads.