Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Chores

I'm going out to buy some maple for a shelf to run on the wall behind my desk. I already bought the uprights for it at IKEA! It's going to be beautiful and the snakes can sleep there if they wish. It will make my study look professional and busy. The other walls are full of bookshelves and I have nowhere to put the stuff that is on my desk right now.

While I'm at the store I'm also going to buy some new screws for my pot shelf in the kitchen. It came crashing down last night and scared the dogs.

The problem of house maintenance is entropy. The kitchen that I mostly built myself (except for the floor) needs redoing. It was fun to do it the first time around, to measure the exact number of steps I take to make coffee, and to design everything perfectly. But the second time around it's my own mistakes I'm correcting (like the tiled countertops which never stay grouted) and it's no longer fun. I'm beginning to think that I should sell the Snakepit Inc. and start again with someone else's mistakes.

There is also a new shower head to be installed. I bought it last summer, and it has been sitting in the upstairs hall staring at me with horrible guilt-inducing eyes.