Saturday, February 25, 2006


I liked this poem I composed some time ago so much that I'm going to post it again. The South Dakota fathers-of-us-all should have used this gentler approach instead of what they did:

Condoms fail you;
Diaphragms slip.
Jellies stain you;
And coils can nip.

Withdrawal's willful;
Flesh is weak.
The pill is sinful;
You might as well breed.

I hope Dorothy Parker didn't turn over in her grave.
Added later: I linked to this in the Eschaton comments, and Rage Time did some more poetry for extra verses. Here is an example:

Sponges are sloppy,
The patch is a bore,
Ligation's forever,
The ring's for a w***e.

Norplant is painful-
A shot in the cheek.
There's abstinence
but it's not for the weak.

We are all human,
we all have the need.
If they all get their way,
We might as well breed.

We should have a poetry slam and then we could send the results to South Dakota. What do you think? Use the comments to make more immortal propaganda.