Sunday, February 12, 2006

And Even More Blog Rage

Or rage aimed at liberal blogs. The babbling David Brooks, the wingnut homeboy among the New York Times columnists, said this early today:

From this morning on the Chris Matthews show:

DAVID BROOKS: Whoever the Democratic candidate, that is the weakness of the Democratic party, they've got the blogs and the netroots who are semi-nuts and they insist on a Stalinist line of discipline.

I'm really good at that Stalinist line of discipline. Every one of you does jumping jacks at five a.m. before shooting spitballs at a picture of our Dear Leader. Or if you don't, I want to know why and fast.

But see how this relates to Brady's article (second post below this one)? Not only are we disrespected already, but our attempts to get heard make us even more disrespected. We are "semi-nuts" and "Stalinists". David doesn't spend much time on liberal blogs. He probably just does his daily feel-good Google of "David Brooks, the famous author and sage" and then starts ranting and raving when he reads nasty portrayals from the lefty blogosphere.

Still, if he wants to find out about "semi-nut" and "Stalinist discipline" he could go to the Little Green Footballs (one of the rare wingnut blogs that allows comments) and he could try to post something slightly liberal there. He'd be banned in a microsecond. I usually take a month or two to ban someone unless they advocate throat cutting.