Wednesday, January 25, 2006

From My Mailbag

There is a new blog for feminist law professors. Check it out.

Alternet has started a new blog on the way wingnuts frame the public debate in order to make it impossible for us to do anything but play defence. Lakoff stuff. I find this an important idea to tackle, mostly because I have caught myself thinking about so many problems using the wingnut frame, even when it is blatantly stupid. We need to learn to play the media better, and this new blog could help.

WAM: Women, Action and the Media, is preparing for its third annual conference. I went to the first two and had a great time. They have started taking registrations. You can find out more and register here.

I have been interviewed at bloggasm. They have many other fascinating blogger interviews but that one is the most fascinating...

And in a much more serious vein, John Gorenfeld (our expert on the Reverend Moon) writes about some sick Gilead stuff that is happening to teenagers right now.