Sunday, January 22, 2006


I want to remind you that I will post the second part of my gender gap series after midnight tonight (EST). It's longer than the first one but full of useful facts and a few snide remarks about the wingnuts. The last part will be a great demolition derby of the wingnut writings in this field. I'm looking forward to writing that one!

I no longer feel guilty about taking a stand on this topic. When I read the Newsweek article on how poorly boys are doing at school (discussed in the next post), with all its slurs against feminism and its reliance on innate explanations without any time frame or history added I realized that the opposition never tries to be objective or neutral. For if they were, they would argue that boys who don't excel at school have CHOSEN to do so, or their parents have, and we should not interfere with such free "choices". This is how their arguments about the gender gap and its causes would be translated into a slightly different field if they were truly consistent. But no. Suddenly the very same arguments based on biologically immutable differences cause the exact opposite conclusion: Change the whole system!

I also have advertising on this blog. It pays for a part of my new broadband connection (yeah!). I try to pick advertisers who offer good products, so if you need to buy a present you can do worse than clicking on their sites to see what they offer. And no, nobody told me to say this. I say it out of my own greedy motives.

The broadband is wonderful! All those minutes spent on waiting sites to load are now available for something else! It's like getting an extension on my lease to life. Thank you so much for giving it to me for my birthday.