Friday, December 23, 2005

Poor, Misunderstood Mitt

Mitt Romney, the governor of the sinful Massachusetts, is sulking in a corner because the local media treat him horribly, horribly, you hear! Like this

''The Boston media will be intent on trying to show that I have changed positions and moved right," the governor said. ''It does that distorting effort on a regular basis. It will also ignore those positions that are inconsistent with that view."

Romney created a stir in July when he said that his views on abortion had ''evolved and deepened" since becoming governor and described himself for the first time publicly as ''prolife." He also said that the nation's laws should be changed to reflect that abortion is wrong. In the interview yesterday, he said he has always maintained that he would not change the abortion laws in Massachusetts and has kept that promise.

He also said that in 2002 he made clear he opposed the legalization of same-sex marriages and civil unions, positions he has touted in speeches to GOP groups around the country.

''The truth is that those are the positions I espoused during my campaign, and I have worked entirely consistent with those positions," he said.

I thought that the wingnuts had the concept of truth as unchanging, eternal and embodied in whatever comes out of the mouth of George Bush. No way would Mitt have been elected to run Massachusetts if his uttered opinions then had been what they are now.

A red spot in a blue state, indeed. That is how Mitt has described himself. More like a bad case of acne.