Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Fatigue

Boy, am I tired after those marathon posts (see the next two). If you don't want me all grumpy you will read them.

I want to post something light and lovely this Friday but so far the world of news is refusing to provide me with suitable topics. Instead, I found out that the Italians are planning to pay women to forego abortions. The idea is that a certain proportion of abortions is caused by economic hardship. If these women are giving extra funds they may decide not to abort the fetus. Here comes the truly stupid thing: the timing of the funding:

Under the scheme women in straitened economic circumstances would get between €250 (£170) and €350 a month for up to six months before giving birth.

Before giving birth? The real expenses start piling up after giving birth, but pro-lifers don't seem to be too interested in the born child. They are only interested in the "unborn child".

Meanwhile, in the good ole U.S. of A, we find that Alito once explicitly stated his views on Roe. This is what he wrote in 1985:

"As Civil [the Justice Department's Civil Division] notes," Alito wrote, "no one seriously believes that the court is about to overrule Roe. But the court's decision to review" the Pennsylvania law "may be a positive sign. . . . By taking these cases, the court may be signaling an inclination to cut back," on Roe.

"What can be made of this opportunity to advance the goals of bringing about the eventual overruling of Roe v. Wade , Alito wrote, and in the "meantime, of mitigating its effects?"

With Alito on the bench you better start saving those wire hangers.
The first link and the idea about it are thanks to Sofiya24