Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Gives Up

Here is her farewell letter. It was the radical cleric wing of the Republican party that didn't like her, the ones who are single-issue voters. It will be interesting to see what kind of nominee will be dragged out next. Might give us some nightmares, that one.

The radical cleric wing is all about getting women properly submissive, and Miers wasn't good material for that. It is true that she isn't especially qualified and it is true that she is Bush's good crony, but these would not have hurt her at all if she could have shown that she has spent her whole life on trying to make sure no pregnancy is ever terminated. The radical cleric wing will not be appeased by anything less than overturning Roe, and then they start on banning contraception. Because nothing is as efficient in keeping women quiet than making sure that they have time for nothing else but procreation. So.

The liberals and progressives sometimes complain about single-issue voters on our side. Us women should be willing to give up reproductive choice for things such as fairer labor markets and better environmental protections. But lack of contraception would not make life easy for men, either, and without the right to determine when we have children we have no ability to control the other important parts of our destinies: income and education. And the way the radical religious wingnuts go about our bodies we might soon have no right to do anything at all but to sit quietly, preparing the uterus for its little visitors from god.

Ok, this is a rant. But it felt good.