Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Power Tool Blogging

Don't buy the cheapest powertool, even if you think that you are an amateur who isn't going to need a lot of power. The cheapest tools are so crappily made that you might as well use your teeth and finger nails for the job. For example, the screws in a cheap miter box I own are made out of plastic. This means that you can't tighten them more than a couple of times. Not good for lots of mitering.

I own a router which died on me the first time I made some shelves. I keep it as a reminder never again to fall for the low price and pretty small size. Especially if you are a girl goddess. You need vrrroooommmm power to get the job done. And in case of routers you also need to buy the expensive bits that don't go dull the minute your beady eyes sees them. Sad but true.

The only exception to this rule I can think is my ancient sewing machine. It never cost much but it's so simple that I can fix and maintain it on my very own. It does sound as if it's in the last stages of tuberculosis, but it still runs a mean seam.

In all other cases, I'd recommend buying or renting the best you can afford.