Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Cult of Personality

The American Prospect has a post about the Bush personality cult. It includes this snippet:

THE CULT OF PERSONALITY RETURNS. Over at The National Review, Kathryn Lopez has written the single weirdest response to Harriet Miers' withdrawal that I've yet seen:

You know what the relief is this morning? A return to the feeling that this president gets the big things right. There was a detour, but I'm confident we're going to have good news shortly on SCOTUS, because this president tends to get the big things right. That's the confidence so many of us have always had in him. And we may have been worried about our assessment for a few weeks there, but there's a renewed confidence this morning.

The National Review is a wingnut paper and Kathryn Lopez is a wingnut writer. Hence, the statement above shows how George Bush is made into something bigger than life, certainly something much bigger than he is. And of course he hasn't gotten any big things right, as the post notes later on.

But we on the left also have a personality cult (or lack-of-personality cult) concerning Georgie Porgie. It's true that ours is based on something closer to facts but it is still a cult in some ways. Maybe we should pay less attention to George and more attention to the silent forces in the background, the ones who are really ruling us?

Just think of the possible indictments of various bigtime powers in the Republican party. Such indictments would look like sweet karma to me and they would give me lots of personal elation. But would they save this country? I doubt it. That is one reason why I keep telling myself to stick to the fundamentals in political blogging, to try to talk about the issues and not about the games (though they can be fun, too), to look past the next three years of Georgereich to what might happen then. And this is where the Supreme Court comes in and why the nominations matter so very much. One day, sooner than you can believe, George Bush is history, but whomever he nominates on the SCOTUS will not be.