Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In California

a bill that would allow same-sex marriage has passed in the California Assembly. But the battle is not over with this victory:

Opponents of gay marriage aim to place a measure on next year's ballot that would amend the state Constitution to include a ban.

The opposition of same-sex marriage has a bunch of arguments which fall, one after the other, like a house of cards, when they are responded to. This makes no difference at all. It just leads to a new round of presenting the same arguments which then again can be refuted. This makes me believe that the real reason so many oppose same-sex marriage is one of those hidden subconscious things. Nothing can be said that would affect the underlying premise of those scared of all change, even when the change has no direct impact on their own lives.

But the California decision must be included in the category of good news. It is the beginning (not counting Masssachusetts's legal decision to the same effect) of many similar decisions, albeit probably only after some decades have passed.