Sunday, August 21, 2005

What the Europeans Don't Have

1. The guy who made the quote in the next post below,
2. Wonderbread.

I truly missed Wonderbread. I use it to clean lampshades and to make interesting buttons for my coats. I didn't miss the guy in the next post as I didn't know he existed. Too bad, as I could have done with a three-week break from him.

This post is instead of the long and learned one I wrote about why the guy in the next post is truly out of his little mind and probably eats Wonderbread. I figured out that my smart readers already know all the reasons, but that they might not know about the many uses of Wonderbread, other than eating it. But if I was mistaken and you really want a long and learned treatise on women and the Iraq constitution, let me know and I shall oblige.