Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Weeding Thoughts

I was weeding the front brick path today. It has grasses growing from the interstices between the bricks, and weeding it takes a long time which gives rise to Thoughts.

For example, tiny ants live under the bricks, and when I pull out the weeds that control their entryways they all rush out agitated and run hither and thither and try to bite the humongous sandal-clad foot that stands there. I tried not to step on any of them, and while doing that a Thought came to me like a lightning: this is what a God might be like. Like me trying not to kill the ants that live under my brick path.

Because on other days I have tried to kill them. I was once path-proud and wanted not to have ants running all over it. I considered pouring boiling water over the whole path but stopped because of laziness. Also the cruelty, of course.

A God could feel the same about us. We might have been created, like the tiny ants, for some specific job, but now we have gone wild and have decided to take over the whole path. The God is too busy with other stuff and so we are allowed to be, for the most part, except for the occasional natural catastrophy caused by the God weeding. Then we get all upset and run around in circles and make sacrifices to the God who never notices the sacrifices because they are too tiny and in any case Gods and ants eat different types of foods.

This is not a new thought, but mostly people write about either the loving God that watches us like a hawk or the semi-sadistic God that also watches us like a hawk but for different reasons or the kind of God who is absent-minded and has left us all alone. But perhaps the God is just busy and doing other stuff while half-aware of us under the path.

I don't believe any of this, naturally, and if I did I'd believe in a Goddess. But still. It's interesting in a weird sort of way.