Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We Miss You George!

I don't, but the people of Mississippi and Louisiana most certainly do. Where are you? Atrios has the answer:

Jack Cafferty just now on CNN.

Cafferty: Where's President Bush? Is he still on vacation?

Blitzer: He's cut short his vacation he's coming back to Washington tomorrow.

Cafferty: Oh, that would be a good idea. He was out in San Diego I think at a Naval air station giving a speech on Japan and the war in Iraq today. Based on his approval rating, based on the latest polls, my guess is getting back to work might not be a terrible idea.

Cut short his vacation by how much? He was expected to vacation the month of August and tomorrow is the last day of August. Perhaps he is indeed cutting it short by a day or two, but this looks bad, especially when contrasted with the pictures from the aftermath of Katrina and the suffering of people right now there. What is wrong with this man?

He tried to sit out most catastrophies, of course, beginning from 9/11. He was nowhere to be found during the horrible tsunami and now he is somewhere talking about his policies when a large chunk of the country he's supposed to take care of is facing an enormous emergency. What kind of a president is this?

It is really too early to focus on George Bush. The disaster is happening right when I type, but I feel so powerless, even after sending money, and the one man who does have the power to do things is somewhere in his own private no-empathy reservation.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, the one whom Pat Robertson doesn't like, has offered to give the Americans water, food and fuel aid in this latest disaster...