Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No Comment...

Our dear spiritual and ethical leader, Senator Rick (the Dick) Santorum from Pennsylvania (what's wrong with Pennsylvanians, for goddess's sake?) has uttered another piece of pure santorum: Birth control harms women. Besides, it is selfish and bad for the country to prevent births.

I was kidding about the title. No way could I abstain from commenting on this. Birth control may well harm women, but pregnancies and giving birth are much more dangerous. Whether having children or not having children is selfish surely depends on the motives the person has. I can see arguments going in both directions. And to say that having more children would be good for the country assumes that there is no problem with overpopulation, that other species don't need to exist, that it's a desirable thing to have many more high-consumption children in the world, and that short-term problems (such as funding retirement for the large age groups) are more urgent than the long-term future of our planet.

More importantly, what makes Santorum think that he is an expert in the proper running of women's private lives, that he can interfere with one of the most earth-shattering decisions of couples? Where is his empathy and compassion and the love of ones neighbor the Bible talks about?

I am writing too much on this silly twit. But he should be in the twitland, not in the U.S. Senate, and until he is returned to his proper place I find it very hard to abstain.