Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Goddess of Doom and Gloom

That's me, mostly, and this is not good. I will try to mend my ways in the future by finding and posting more good news. They do happen, but given my morose temperament I just accept them as what's due. They must be celebrated, or at least written down in some detail. My promise and divine vow is to pay more attention to the sunny side of life from now on. Starting with the next post, assuming that nothing truly horrible happens in the meantime.

See the difficulty? I truly was born gloomy, during a winter thunder storm which turned off all the lights in the hospital, and I have been that way ever since. But I will try to be more smiley. Even if it hurts my teeth.

Partly this is because I have added a donate-button to the blog. It doesn't work yet, or at least I think that it doesn't work, so any billionaire readers should wait a few days before sending me diamond-crusted keyboards and stuff. But it's there, staring back at me like some horrible finger with capitalistic boils. As you see I feel very ambivalent about it, but I really want to have broadband for my blog. I'm on dial-up right now.

The other reason for adding the donate-button is that my brother doesn't think my blogging is worth anything because it doesn't make any money, and I want to prove him wrong. What is it about brothers and sisters, anyway?

So that's the news right now.