Friday, August 26, 2005

Eighty-Five Years Later...

And all I got was this crummy article about how men, once again, are smarter than women. Eighty-five years ago it was the skull size, today it is the answers to a carefully formed bunch of questions. In another eighty-five years it will be something else to make sure that women are seen as a subspecies of Homo Sapiens, at best.

Not a full human being. But at least women in the United States have been able to vote for eighty-five years! Three cheers and a hurrah. I think. Though the number of women in the U.S. House and Senate amounts to a whopping fifteen percent of the total, less than the much-praised quota for women in the planned Iraq constitution.

Many other countries have considerably more women in their parliaments than the United States manages to scrape together, and partly this is caused by the U.S. two-party system which doesn't reward risk-taking in the choice of candidates. But something else affects the outcome, too. I won't spell all the other reasons out in this celebratory piece, because then it wouldn't be celebratory.

Instead, go read the article I linked to. It's fairly optimistic.