Wednesday, July 20, 2005


My local radio station which broadcasts Air America has the most awful commercials imaginable. It's probably a wingnut plot to get all liberal stuff off the airwaves.

There is this vacuum cleaner ad which consists of a letter from a satisfied buyer, a man, who starts by saying:

My wife is in heaven!

This is because his wife has this wonderful vacuum cleaner and when she thought that she had broken it the company sent a spare part in no time at all! So then the husband had to write how happy his wife is now.

Also telling us, in various covert ways, that a) women are the ones meant to push vacuum cleaners around, b) that women are filled with joy and happiness when the vacuum cleaner works so well and c) that it is the husbands of the women who must write in to report on all these astonishing events.

I have never met anyone who is in rapture over a vacuum cleaner, but if I have to hear this commercial another thousand times I might start believing that all women dance in the streets with their vacuum cleaners and all the husbands sit indoors in the freshly cleaned house penning fan letters to sellers of these machines.