Sunday, July 03, 2005

Becoming A Person

I am slowly becoming one, not just a goddess. I opened a Post Office Box under my name, also a bank account (for the filthy lucre that is trying to find me). I now have a credit card under the name Echidne of the Snakes!

The next step is to get one of those "Donate, Please" buttons and wait for the money to flow in. Why? Because I need to be kept in chocolate ice cream and also because one day I will be too transparent to goddess adequately and then I need money to find a good nursing home for us divines. Also because everybody does it and I should be no better than the rest of the pack.

But do not fear. I will never demand payment for the pleasure of your company. Anybody can come and read without paying one cent. The button is just in case someone incredibly wealthy comes in here and would love to buy me a new computer or some ice cream. Also for all the publishers and editors who want to hire me, though they could just e-mail me instead, ahem.

Nothing much will come from all this, I know that already. I'm a goddess of the shadow side and things never go smoothly there. Even all this market crap tends to backfire. Like now I probably get accusing comments about my horrible mercenary nature and how I'm really not the idealistic goddess I pretended to be. And all this would be true and quite deserved. Or I will lose all the pure-hearted readers.

Sigh. But I'm going to go on becoming commercialized and a person. I even bought some earrings with snakes on and they cost twenty-four dollars.