Thursday, June 09, 2005

That Rude Dean

Yesterday's Jerry Springer show on Air America Radio asked this question: Is Howard Dean too wacky to chair the Democratic National Committee? This is because Dean called the Republican party a party for white Christians. He was using euphemisms, of course. What he really meant, I suspect, was that the people who currently benefit from the policies of the Republican party are wealthy and/or fundamentalist wingnuts. The majority of these two groups are white.

I'd like to ask a few questions related to the one Springer posed:
Is George Bush wacky enough to be the president of this country? Is Patrick Buchanan a mainstream personality? Does Dr. Dobson represent mainstream family values? Is Ann Coulter your average neutral journalist? Is what these individuals say about the Democratic party always reasoned, polite and mature? Ever?

And finally: Are the number of spined Democrats countable with the toes of one foot? Many Democrats have wasted no time distancing themselves from Dean and his uncouth comment. Why, Dean comes across almost as rude as...a Republican!

Welcome to the Upside-Down World.