Thursday, June 09, 2005

Future Plans for George Bush

If he ever decides not to be the president what will George do? According to the LA Times:

And in comments to the Los Angeles Times, Bush said that his return to private life probably would include work with Texas faith-based organizations that performed social services. He did not elaborate.

Bush will be 62 when his second term ends. The youngest former president was Theodore Roosevelt, who was 50 when he left the White House.

"He's going to be a very young man," said Evans, adding that he had not heard Bush talk about an intent to work with faith-based groups. "He will continue to serve his fellow man in some capacity. He's driven by serving others."

I'll be watching, with great interest! What are you willing to bet that the form in which George will serve others won't look anything like this? Unless you define "fellow man" as narrowly as it can be and assume that the article is talking about men who work in the oil industry? Just kidding...I think.