Monday, April 11, 2005

"W" is for Women! Always.

This item is a month old but it's still worth reading, to remind us all about what this administration really thinks about women. It's about the special UN session to assess the status of women worldwide now that ten years have passed since the Beijing meeting where many nations pledged to work for greater gender equality. The United States sent a delegation, too, because as we all know the "W" in George W. Bush stands for women. Here is a description of the women who spoke for all of us Americans:

Who are these members of the U.S. delegation? Sauerbrey, who describes herself as "a conservative, not a feminist," was the Maryland for Bush campaign chair. Brister served as the head of the Louisiana Republican Party. Hirschmann is Texas Rep. Tom DeLay's former chief of staff. Parshall, a former Wisconsinite, hosts a conservative Christian radio talk show.

So it shouldn't have come as a surprise that they trotted off to New York with righteous fire to try to wrench the focus of the "Beijing + 10" gathering from women's equality to abortion.

The other participants would have none of it. They wanted to talk about trivial issues such as how to

halt gender-based violence, end workplace discrimination, ensure educational and economic equality with men, and provide adequate family planning resources.

But what about abortion? Well, the U.S. delegation wanted to insert an amendment stating that women's human rights don't include the right to abortions, but the amendment didn't pass, despite Sauerbrey's argument that this amendment is "consistent with the U.S. government views". And those of countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, of course.
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