Sunday, April 24, 2005

Guess the Answers

What do the following two things have in common:

1. Getting a job on the K Street, the place where Washington lobbyists work.


2. Being sent as a US delegate to the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission meeting (where telecommunication standards are discussed).

The answer: You have to be a Republican to qualify these positions. No, it's not enough to do your job well, and, no it doesn't matter that K Street jobs are private market jobs; you must also prove that you support Georgie Porgie.

3. What do you do if you work for the government and its own statistics show that you are doing poorly?

The answer: Order the statistics not to be published anymore. This is what Condoleezza Rice has just done. It's also what the old Soviet apparatus used to do quite routinely.

4. How many scandals can the Bush administration brag about so far?

The answer: At least thirty-four.

5. How many of these scandals have damaged the administration's credibility?

The answer: None