Friday, April 15, 2005

A Girly Post

I haven't done one of these yet, have I? High time, then. Today was a girly day, like in pink and frilly and good-smelling. I put on my girly hat (it has a big rose over the left ear and it's from the 1920s) and I went Shopping. Which I hate, but one must sacrifice something for girliness.

I shop in second-hand stores and the Salvation Army. SA has been my salvation so many times, though I'm still a very pure pagan. This is my harvest:
-two mini-dresses for summer, one dollar each
-four pairs of ear-rings, two dollars a pair
-a large artificial diamond ring, cocktail-size, fifty cents
-dog toothpaste, twelve dollars

The dog toothpaste wasn't in a second-hand store, of course. But the other stuff was, even though the dresses are brand-new! One of them has a large rip in the bodice which I didn't notice until I got home. I will either have to put a patch on it or use it for my art products. The other dress is good for any wingnut funerals I might be invited to: it's black and low-cut and has a frill around my bottom. Sort of combined happy and sad.

The earrings are two pairs of 1950's type large buttons, one with rhinestones and the other with snake skin!!!, and two pairs of fancy danglers which just might be rubies or sapphires or something but are probably plastic. The snake skin is not real, by the way, in case you were concerned about my mental health. Now I'm all set up for the summer parties and television interviews and fame. When they introduce me on Hannity andColmes I will stretch out my hand with the diamond-looking stone prominently displayed and it will daze and dazzle all wingnut viewers into thinking that I'm one of them.