Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ding, Ding! We have a Winner!

Now I know how to have a thousand visitor an hour. Just write about sex! Even if I really didn't write about sex in the heaving, sweating, grinding sense. Well, it's understandable that people would want to read about orgasms. Orgasms and chocolate ice cream are what makes life worth living for some of us. And snakes and dogs. It's all a lot better than living for the power to squash others under a leather boot.

I'm not going to turn into a lite porn writer, though I might do that under my pseudonym Olive the Omnivorous Ovary. She's into multiple orgasms and sex toys and toy boys, I think. She is not quite fully formed yet.

Isn't it odd how fanatically focused on sex the wingnuts are, though? Rush Limbaugh (the one of multiple wives) fears that a liberal network would only tell people about blow jobs, the fundamentalists want all sex banned unless it produces new fundamentalists, but they can't stop talking about it all the time. And based on what I read it is far too often a fundamentalist preacher who gets caught having sex with a minor or using child porn or something similar. - A sad state of affairs. When sex gets warped it is no longer a good thing.

The sinful liberal Massachusetts ranks high in marital fidelity and low in out-of-marriage births and violent crime. Many of the godly states have terrible records here. When this is pointed out the counterargument is that the godly states have bad records because they are poorer and because they have earlier marriages which end up in divorce more often. Which is all true, but also totally refutes the wingnut argument that it is the liberal values which cause divorces and crime. In fact these arguments support the liberal assertion that it is the poverty-causing policies of the Bush administration which are the real problem.

Did you ever hear the story about the two monks, Buddhists or Taoists, who were traveling in the wilderness and came across a river that had to be waded across? Their religion banned them from touching women but there was a young woman waiting to cross the river and she was too short to wade it safely. So the older monk picked her up and carried her across, set her down, and the two monks continued on their way.

Some hours later the younger monk who had been mulling all this in his brain asked the older one how he could violate the rules of his religion in such a way. The older monk answered: "I set her down hours ago. Are you still carrying her?"