Monday, February 14, 2005

Interviewing Us

Morgaine from this site asked me to answer a few questions about blogging. I thought that you might find them interesting. No, I don't think that, actually, I just feel like a convalescent from the flu and totally without imagination, so I'm going to post my interview answers instead of any other writing. Here they are:

1. How did you start blogging? Why do you keep at it?

Goddess Answer: I started blogging out of boredom with being adulated by snakes alone. I needed a bigger audience. I keep at it because it works.
Human Answer: I started blogging to keep writing something every day. Having an imaginary reader made that more likely. I keep at it because the readers are real.

2. What are your most important issues?

Goddess Answer: Changing the world into a better place. We divines assume it is possible. Also showing that I can do better than Athena.
Human Answer: Feminism and fighting the radical right.

3. What's the nicest recognition you've ever received from the media and/or the blogosphere?

Goddess Answer: All those humans who come and worship at my altar by writing sweet comments on my blog. I grow a little bigger and more real every time something nice is said about me. Soon I will be a real force to be reckoned with!
Human Answer: My readers' comments, actually. But also to be read by Katha Pollitt (my great idol) and to be nominated as a semifinalist in many Koufax award categories. And being named the most polite political blogger!

4. Who is your audience? What is unique about your blog?

Goddess Answer: I write to everybody: divines, humans and snakes. Everybody. My blog is unique because it is written by me. How many snake goddesses blog on politics?
Human Answer: I'm not sure what my audience is, except for the fact that it probably consists of people who are feminist or profeminist in their views. My blog might be unique in its dualistic character: having a resident goddess can be hard at times, especially when I get possessed over longer periods of time. She's truly quite arrogant, whereas I'm very modest and shy.

5. Most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Goddess Answer: Not enough adulators! I need more, more, more!
Human Answer: The ephemeral nature of what happens. Though in some ways this is the best aspect of blogging, too, in its freshness and immediacy; the fact is that whatever I did yesterday is totally irrelevant today and that can be hard to accept.

6. What's the one point you'd like a reader to take away from your blog- the one thing for them to really "get".

Goddess Answer: Never say no to ice-cream or human kindness.
Human Answer: A difficult question to answer, because what I want to achieve is something not purely informational. It is a certain tone of writing more than just what the writing says and has to do with the respect of humanity while also acknowledging its negative side.

Quote: (Wrap up with a quotation – one of yours, a famous one you like, a personal Motto – be creative.)

See my Goddess Answer to question number 6.