Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Rant

I need to get one of these in before I explode. It is so easy these days to come across erudite and sophisticated and nuanced. It's all far too easy. I'm bored with wingnuts and Wingnuttian science and religion. I'm bored with the flat earthers and the believers in Joseph and Mary riding on a dinosaur and those who sit on their suitcases waiting for the first charter flight of the Raptured. I'm fed up with the corporatists and the worshippers of "freemarkets" (which barely exist outside the village market place) and those who believe that this planet is something we can flush down the toilet without any bad effects whatsoever. Even the misogynists are grating not because of their hatred but because of the old-hat nature of their attacks.

This is really a boring time to live in. Yes, it is also a horrible time in many ways, and I'm going to continue shouting about the horrors. But right now I'm largely bored. A bored goddess is a dangerous one; idle hands and so on.

Now, excitement abounds in my private life, but I'm not going to blog on that, and the dogs refuse to blog much right now as they have found this pack of Eurasians and spend their time dominating the boy dogs in that pack. And eating snow and then vomiting on my expensive rugs. My dogs, I mean. The snakes are hibernating or doing something behind my back. This means that I have to find something else to blog about, something that would be interesting and fascinating and that would require a little bit more effort than making fun of wingnuts. I'll have to think about this.

Maybe a proposal about having to announce all spermal deaths to the closest authority? To replace Cosgrove's proposed bill in Virginia, the one that asked for the reporting of all fetal deaths? Cosgrove had to withdraw that proposal, due to the great furor we caused about it on the many internets, but my proposal could take its place.

Imagine the fun bureaucrats would have in writing a tiny death certificate for each individual sperm. Maybe they could all be named, too, and little coffins could be demanded for each? And each case would have to have its own investigative report with photographs and witness statements. It would be good for the labor markets and morally significant, too. Each ejaculator could be asked to prepare tiny cemeteries for the dead sperms, though he could be left with the choice of their religious denomination.

Nah. Boooooring.