Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The 2004 Koufax Nominations

These nominations are now open. The Koufax awards are all about lefty blogs, and there are several different categories for various types of blogs. I strongly urge you to go and nominate those blogs that you think deserve more attention. As things are, the same well-known blogs are nominated over and over again, and though they obviously deserve the attention, it would be nice to see some more competition there. Especially from blogs by women which is right now an underrepresented category in the nominations.

All this means that you should go and nominate my wonderful blog in any category that you see fit. I'm too modest and too well-behaved to nominate myself, though I clearly deserve to be up there with the other divinities. I write well, for example. Don't I? And I have a really good series called Rara Avis*. And I'm funny. Of course there are people better than me in all these categories, but I could at least be nominated. Couldn't I?

You know, I hate this "blow your own trumpet" stuff, but it is so important these days to do exactly that.
*Here are the links:
Rara Avis I: Wendy McElroy
Rara Avis II: Rush Limbaugh
Rara Avis III: Laura Schlessinger (Dr. Laura)
Rara Avis IV: George Will
Rara Avis V: Caitlin Flanagan
Rara Avis VI: George Bush