Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some Wingnut Reactions

These are messages left by pro-Bush people on Atrios' blog. For those who don't read there, Atrios is a liberal blog. People are right now going through a hard time there, and this is what our wingnut brethren contributed:

I have to say.. that $2000 Bush-Cheney '04 campaign contribution was the best fucking money I have ever spent in my entire life.

Oops!... its' getting late...time to get in my 2004 Merecedes SL500, cruise over to the country club and hit the links for a few.

Better luck in 2008, losers.

P.S. You fuckers can't win anything, can you? Perhaps you should stop blaming Bush and the nearly 60 mil that voted for him and start taking a look in the mirror.
Seethe, whine, bitch, piss and moan.

You fuckers don't get "it" at all.

All you have been programed to say is, "Diebold", "voter fraud", etc., etc.

Maybe, just fucking maybe, if you hadn't nominated an elitist puke that keeps saying, "I am for the little people", you wouldn't have lost?

He had no character, plan OR vision for America and all you can do is seethe, whine.....


The first step to recovery is admitting one's faults



If Canada or France don't work out for all of you, try Cuba. Or Iran.

And one more thing about all of the "tax cut" bitching.

The only tax that is moral is a flat tax. Today, you get punished for working harder and earning more money. That is completely immoral and unethical. A man should not punish another man for his extra effort. Let me repeat that. A MAN SHOULD NOT PUNISH ANOTHER MAN FOR HIS EXTRA EFFORT.

Support flat tax efforts. On the whole, it's good for the society. And it rewards those who work hard and push our economy forward.

I really like that last one, especially the idea that women are free to do whatever they wish about punishing others. Of course he didn't mean that; in his world women don't exist. - Anyway, remember how we are all supposed to try to come together in this country and heal?