Friday, November 05, 2004

How We Oppress the Christians

Here is a clear example of the terrible Hollywood liberals' effect on the real Americans:

Nov. 5, 2004 - The Texas Board of Education approved new health textbooks for the state's high school and middle school students Friday after the publishers agreed to change the wording to depict marriage as the union of a man and a woman.
The decision involves two of the biggest textbook publishers and represents another example of Texas exerting its market clout as the nation's second-largest buyer of textbooks. Officials say the decision could affect hundreds of thousands of books in Texas alone.
On Thursday, a board member charged that proposed new books ran counter to a Texas law banning the recognition of gay civil unions because the texts used terms like "married partners" instead of "husband and wife."

Moreover, one of the publishers agreed to even more fundamental changes:

After hearing the debate Thursday, one publisher, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, agreed to include a definition of marriage as a "lifelong union between a husband and a wife." The definition, which was added to middle school textbooks, already was in Holt's high school editions, Holt spokesman Rick Blake said.

That lifelong bit really shows the oppression of fundamental Christians who have gotten divorced! But at least the coastal elites didn't get this term inserted, though they tried:

Neither publisher added all the changes Leo initially pushed for. For instance, one proposed passage in the teacher's editions read: "Opinions vary on why homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals as a group are more prone to self-destructive behaviors like depression, illegal drug use, and suicide."

Poor Christians. They almost got oppressed here, again and again.

P.S. This is a very poor example of sarcasm.