Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cute Dog Stories

How I hate the word 'cute'! I don't even know why I hate it, as I don't really mind the concept of cuteness. Well, cute dog stories are just the thing for the day before Thanksgiving. A cute turkey story might stick in your gullet...

This story is extremely cute. It is about a dog who is suckling two kittens, and the writer marvels over her maternity instinct. What I marvel over is why she wants to do this at her age: based on the story she's at least thirteen years old which is very old for dogs. Anyway, maybe you like it.

An even cuter story is one I read many years ago in a dog book. A man had a male Great Dane whom he walked along a riverbank every morning. One morning the river had four little puppies desperately trying to swim. Someone had thought of a quick way of reducing the excess dog population, I assume. The Great Dane jumped in and saved the puppies one by one. The man took them home and the Great Dane tended to them until they were old enough to be adopted.

Now, that is a cute story.