Monday, November 01, 2004

ABC Courts Bush, Too

So does CNN, not to mention Fox. But ABC is one I hadn't classified correctly before:

When it comes to ABC's The Note, War Room has always been baffled why the online daily must-read treats the New York Post like a serious news outlet and links to its political reports as if they were anything more than warmed over GOP spin. But today, War Room is even more puzzled by The Note's suggesting the Bush team is "understandably bullish" heading into the final days of the campaign, and that's its "swagger" is not "without justification." (The rhetoric is reminiscent of the Beltway spin so prevalent during the closing days of the 2000 election, when mainstream pundits seemed eager to predict a clear Bush win.)

By the way, if Kerry wins the wingnuts are going to blame it on the so-called liberal media. Funny, because the SCLM has done its best to keep Bush in power. They like their present life a lot, it seems. Poor SCLM, they are going to face hell whoever wins.