Sunday, October 24, 2004

Red Sox...

They won again, but oh goddess how hard they tried not to! Supposedly the famous curse by Babe Ruth is rubbish, but something is haunting the Sox. I mean, I could have pitched the third inning better, and all the practice I get is from throwing tennis balls for Hank to fetch.

I'm a Red Sox fan, but if they start winning without four errors I'm going to give up. There is something appealing in rooting for a tragic team that never wins except once in a blue moon and then against overwhelming odds. It lets the fans experience proper transference of feelings and also makes it easier just to suffer everything. Even bad government.

A victorious Red Sox would leave us no outs at all if Bush gets reselected. We'll have to mount barricades and wave flags (me in the front like the symbol of freedom) and grow up in general. I'm even willing to do that if this is the sacrifice Kerry's victory requires, but I'd rather have both the Sox as a symbol of eternal injustice and a just government.