Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Sox Won!

The American League. This is about baseball for those of you who read this in some other country. Baseball is one of those American games which are hard to understand without life-long exposure, but the basic idea is the exact opposite of most games: instead of trying for a lot of movement you try to have nothing whatsoever happen except for one player throwing a ball over and over.

Now I'm going to be lynched by all the baseball fans. You would think that you get into the worst possible debates on the net about religion or politics or feminism, but no. The worst debates I ever got mired in were about baseball, and the trick was to say that baseball players are not real athletes. Try it if your life doesn't have enough drama.

But I'm very happy for the Sox! I am! And I swear I had nothing to do with their coming back from 3-0 in this impressive way, nothing at all.